Listed below are Utah military installations and military support centers, with full contact information, that can assist you with your benefits. This applies to the entire military community including Active duty, National Guard and Reserve Service Members serving in any branch of the Armed Services in Utah or those who claim this state as their home of record. Contact information is also available for Veterans, Families, Retired Service members and Survivors. For additional state benefits go to the MyArmyBenefits - Utah Military and Veterans Benefits fact sheet .


Dugway Proving Ground
Tooele Army Depot
Utah National Guard
Camp Williams
U.S. Army Reserve

 Dugway Proving Ground

Information: 435-831-2116 / After hours 435-831-2929
Phone Directory Facebook

DEERS / ID Card / CAC Office
Online Appointments: https://rapids-appointments.dmdc.osd.mil/default.aspx
Website: https://www.dmdc.osd.mil/rsl/appj/site?execution=e1s1

Visitor Control Center
Address: Bldg # 5450, Doolittle Ave.
Phone: 435-831-2535
Fax: 435-831-3437
Online Appointment Scheduler
Email: army.dugwayvisitorcontrolcenter@mail.mil
Website: https://www.dmdc.osd.mil/rsl/appj/site?siteId=101603

Finance / Defense Military Pay Office

Phone: 888-332-7411
Customer Service
Self Service – Press 1
Report the Death of a Military Retiree – Press 2
Garnishments – Press 3
Pay Inquiries – Press 4
- Travel Pay – Press 4, then option #1
- Military Pay – Press 4, then option #2
- Military Retired and Annuitant Pay – Press 4, then option #3
- Out of Service Debt – Press 4, then option #4
My Pay Website Assistance - Press 5
Retired and Annuitant Pay Correspondence Address – Press 6
Affordable Care Act – Press 7
Website: https://www.dfas.mil/

Retired Military & Annuitants
Phone: 800-321-1080
Website: https://www.dfas.mil/retiredmilitary.html

Address: Bldg #5450, Doolittle Ave, Rm 1105
Phone: 435-831-3333 / 3335 / 3336
Fax: 435-831-3390

Medical and Dental


Military Treatment Facility (MTF)
Website: https://tricare.mil/mtf?sc_database=web

Dugway Army Health Clinic
Address: Bldg # 5116, Kister Ave
Phone: 435-831-2027
DSN: 789-2027
Fax: 435-831-2261
The clinic is open to military, active and retired. Family members may be seen on a space available basis. Currently, children cannot be seen.
*The next nearest full-service Military Clinic is the Air Force 75th Medical Detachment Group at Hill Air Force Base in Ogden, Utah, about 110 miles from Dugway.
**The nearest Army Hospital is Evans U.S. Army Hospital at Fort Carson, Colorado Springs, CO. Estimated Distance: 700 miles

Tricare Service Center
Tricare West
Phone: 1-844-866-9378
Website: https://www.tricare-west.com/

Tricare Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinator (BCAC)
Address: at Hill AFB, 75th Medical Group
Phone: 801-777-6689 / 6670
DSN: 777-6689 / 6670
Fax: 801-777-7464
Tricare BCAC Directory: https://www.tricare.mil/bcacdcao/


Tricare Dental Program
Phone: 1-844-653-4061
Website: https://tricare.mil/Dental.aspx

Benefeds Dental Program-For Retired Service Members
Replaced Tricare Retiree Dental Program as of 12/31/2018
Phone: 1-877-888-3337 (1-877-888-FEDS) Website: https://www.benefeds.com/ https://www.benefeds.com/Portal/ContactUs?Submit=ContactUs

Army Community Service

Address: Bldg # 5124, Kister Ave, Rm 234
Phone: 435-831-2260
Website: https://dugway.armymwr.com/programs/acs

Child and Youth Services

Parent and Outreach Services
Address: Bldg #5124, Kister Ave
Phone: 435-831-3345
Website: https://dugway.armymwr.com/programs/parent-outreach-services

Child Development Center
Address: Bldg # 5124, Kister Ave
Phone: 435-831-3345
Website: https://dugway.armymwr.com/programs/cys1

School Age Centers
Address: Bldg #5111, East Knight St
Phone: 435-831-2710
Website: https://dugway.armymwr.com/programs/cys

School Support Services

Address: Kister Ave, Bldg 5124, Rm 216
Phone: 435-831-3440
Website: https://dugway.armymwr.com/programs/youth

Army Emergency Relief
Address: Bldg # 5124, Kister Ave, Rm 235
Phone: 435-831-2387
Website: https://dugway.armymwr.com/programs/acs

AER Headquarters

Address: 2530 Crystal Drive, Suite 13161, 13th Fl, Arlington, VA 22202
Phone: 866-878-6378
DSN: 329-2768
Fax: 888-965-2462
Email: https://www.aerhq.org/Contact-Us
Website: https://www.aerhq.org/

Army Education Center

Services provided by Fort Carson Army Education Center
Address: Bldg #5450, Doolittle Rd.
Phone: 719-526-2124 Website: https://www.goarmyed.com/public/facility_pages/Dugway_Proving_Gnd_Education_Center/default.asp

Deployment / Mobilization
Address: Bldg # 5124, Kister Ave.
Phone: 435-831-2260
Website: https://dugway.armymwr.com/programs/acs

Employment Readiness Program
Address: Bldg # 5124, Kister Ave.
Phone: 435-831-2260
Website: https://dugway.armymwr.com/programs/acs

Family Action Plan
Address: Bldg #5124, Kister Ave
Phone: 435-831-2834
Website: https://dugway.armymwr.com/programs/acs

Family Advocacy Program
Address: Bldg #5124, Kister Ave
Phone: 435-831-2834
Website: https://dugway.armymwr.com/programs/acs

Financial Readiness Planning
Address: Bldg # 5124, Kister Ave.
Phone: 435-831-2387
Website: https://dugway.armymwr.com/programs/acs


Address: Bldg # 5031, 5th Avenue
Phone: Families 435-831-3541 / 3542
Unaccompanied Personnel: 435-831-3542
Fax: 435-831-2771
Website: https://www.dugway.army.mil/Housing.aspx