Tennessee Military Installations - Contact Information

Listed below are Tennessee military installations and military support centers, with full contact information, that can assist you with your benefits. This applies to the entire military community including Active duty, National Guard and Reserve Service Members serving in any branch of the Armed Services in Tennessee or those who claim this state as their home of record. Contact information is also available for Veterans, Families, Retired Service members and Survivors. For additional state benefits go to the MyArmyBenefits - Tennessee Military and Veteran Benefits Fact Sheet.

Common Resources
Fort Campbell

Tennessee National Guard
U.S. Army Reserve

Common Resources

DEERS / ID Card / CAC Office
Site Locator & Appointments: https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/locator
Website: https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/

DFAS Insignia

Phone: 888-332-7411
Customer Service
Self Service – Press 1
Report the Death of a Military Retiree – Press 2
Garnishments – Press 3
Pay Inquiries – Press 4
- Travel Pay – Press 4, then option #1
- Military Retired and Annuitant Pay – Press 4, then option #2
- Military Pay – Press 4, then option #3
My Pay Website Assistance - Press 5
Affordable Care Act – Press 6

Out of Service Debt - 866-912-6488
Website: https://www.dfas.mil

Retired Military & Annuitants
Phone: 800-321-1080
Website: https://www.dfas.mil/retiredmilitary/

Medical and Dental


Military Treatment Facility (MTF)

Website: https://tricare.mil/mtf?sc_database=web

Military Hospitals & Clinics

Tricare Service Center
Tricare East
Phone: 1-800-444-5445
Website: https://www.humanamilitary.com/

Tricare Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinator (BCAC)
Tricare BCAC Directory: https://tricare.mil/bcacdcao/


Tricare Dental Program
Phone: 1-844-653-4061
Website: https://tricare.mil/Dental.aspx

Federal Employee Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP)
Benefeds Dental Program-For Retired Service Members
Replaced Tricare Retiree Dental Program as of 12/31/2018
Phone: 1-877-888-3337 (1-877-888-FEDS)
Website: https://www.benefeds.com/

Army Emergency Relief
AER Headquarters
Army Emergency Relief logo

Address: 2530 Crystal Drive, Suite 13161, 13th Fl, Arlington, VA 22202
Phone: 866-878-6378
DSN: 329-2768
Fax: 571-389-8522
Email: https://www.armyemergencyrelief.org/contact/
Website: https://www.armyemergencyrelief.org

Sexual Assault DoD Safe Helpline
24/7 Helpline: 877-995-5247
Website: https://www.safehelpline.org/

Military Suicide Prevention Crisis Line
24/7 Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255, x1 or Text: 838255
Website: https://www.veteranscrisisline.net/get-help-now/military-crisis-line/

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Fort Campbell

Welcome to Ft Campbell

Information: 270-798-2151
Prefix 798 = DSN 635-XXXX
Facebook - 101st Airborne Div
Twitter - 101st Airborne Div


YouTube – 101st Airborne Div

DEERS / ID Card / CAC Office
Soldier Support Center

Address: Soldier Support Center, 2702 Michigan Avenue, Rm 202
Phone: 270-798-2424 / 412-7967
Website: https://home.army.mil/campbell/index.php/about/id-cards-deers
Site Locator & Appointments: https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/locator
Site ID: 101430

Finance / Army Military Pay Office
Address: 6739 Airborne Street
Phone: 270-412-0614 / 956-3111
Website: https://home.army.mil/campbell/index.php/finance


Legal Assistance
Address: 2577B Screaming Eagle Boulevard
Phone: 270-798-0910 / 0918
Website: https://home.army.mil/campbell/index.php/legal

Staff Judge Advocate
Address: 2577B Screaming Eagle Boulevard
Phone: 270-798-0910 / 0918

Trial Defense Services
Address: 2577A Screaming Eagle Boulevard
Phone: 270-798-4417 / 956-0689

Medical and Dental


Military Treatment Facility (MTF)
Blanchfield Army Community Hospital

Blanchfield Army Community Hospital

Address: 650 Joel Drive
Phone: 270-798-8400/ 412-9191
Appointments: 270-798-4677 (HOSP) / 931-431-4677
Website: https://blanchfield.tricare.mil/

Health Clinics

Air Assault Family Medical Home
Doctor with patient

Address: 2nd Fl, "C Building", 650 Joel Drive
Phone: Appointments: 270-798-4677 / 931-431-4677
Website: https://blanchfield.tricare.mil/Clinics/Air-Assault-Family-Medical-Home

Byrd Family Medical Home
Address: 7973 Thunder Boulevard
Phone: 270-461-1212
Appointments: 270-798-4677 / 931-431-4677
Website: https://blanchfield.tricare.mil/Clinics/Byrd-Family-Medical-Home

Byrd Solider Medical Home

Byrd Soldier Medical Home
Address: 7973 Thunder Boulevard
Phone: 270-798-8160
Appointments: 270-798-4677 / 931-431-4677
Website: https://blanchfield.tricare.mil/Clinics/Byrd-Soldier-Medical-Home

Gold Army Medical Home
Address: 3rd Fl, "C Building", 650 Joel Drive
Appointments: 270-798-4677 / 931-431-4677
Website: https://blanchfield.tricare.mil/Clinics/Gold-Army-Medical-Home

LaPointe Medical Home
Address: 5979 Desert Storm Avenue
Appointments: 270-798-4677 / 931-461-4677
Website: https://blanchfield.tricare.mil/Clinics/LaPointe-Army-Medical-Home

Screaming Eagle Medical Home

Screaming Eagle Medical Home

Address: Medical Office Building One, 647 Dunlop Lane, Suite 301, Clarksville
Appointments: 270-798-4677 / 931-431-4677
Website: https://blanchfield.tricare.mil/Clinics/Screaming-Eagle-Medical-Home

Young Eagle Medical Home
Address: 2nd Fl, "C Building", 650 Joel Drive
Appointments: 270-798-4677 / 931-431-4677
Website: https://blanchfield.tricare.mil/Clinics/Young-Eagle-Medical-Home

Traumatic Brain Care
Fort Campbell Intrepid Spirit Center
Address: 2403 Indiana Avenue
Phone: 270-412-5114 / 5485
Website: https://blanchfield.tricare.mil/Health-Services/Specialty-Care/Traumatic-Brain-Injury

Tricare Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinator (BCAC)
Address: at Blanchfield Army Community Hospital
Phone: 270-798-8702 / 8377 / 8766 / 956-0570
Fax: 270-798-8570
Email: usarmy.campbell.medcom-bach.mbx.bcacdcao@mail.mil
BCAC Directory: https://tricare.mil/bcacdcao/


Dental Clinics
Website: https://blanchfield.tricare.mil/Health-Services/Dental/Dental-Clinics

Byrd / Adkins Dental Clinic
Byrd Dental Clinic

Address: 7973 Strike Boulevard
Phone: 270-412-6027 / 6028

Epperly Dental Clinic
Address: 3603 Indiana Avenue and 49th Street
Phone: 270-798-3675 / 3544

BACH Oral Surgery Clinic
Address: Blanchfield Army Community Hospital, 650 Joel Drive, C Building, 2 nd Floor
Phone: 270-798-8240

LaPointe / Kuhn Dental Clinic
Address: 5979 35th Street and Desert Storm Avenue
Phone: 270-412-2787

Taylor Dental Clinic
Taylor Dental Clinic

Address: 5580 Desert Storm Avenue and Air Assault Street
Phone: 270-798-6362 / 5429

In and Out Processing Dental Clinic
Address: 2707 Michigan Avenue
Phone: 270-798-3353

Army Community Service
Address: Building 1501, William C. Lee Road
Phone: 270-798-9322 / 956-2935
Website: https://home.army.mil/campbell/index.php/about/acs

Army Emergency Relief
Address: Building 1501, William C. Lee Road
Phone: 270-798-5518
Website: https://home.army.mil/campbell/index.php/acs/financial-readiness-program

Army Family Action Plan
Address: Building #1501, William C. Lee Road
Phone: 270-956-2934
Website: https://home.army.mil/campbell/index.php/acs/AFAP

Army Family Team Building
Address: Building #1501, William C. Lee Road
Phone: 270-798-4800 / 956-2934
Website: https://home.army.mil/campbell/index.php/acs/AFTB

Child and Youth Services

Parent Central Services / Parent and Outreach Services
Address: Building #2702, Michigan Avenue
Phone: 270-798-0674
Website: https://campbell.armymwr.com/programs/parent-central-services

Child Development Centers
Website: https://campbell.armymwr.com/programs/child-development-centers

Child Development Center

Watter's CDC #1
Address: Building #3071, Bastogne Avenue and 35th Street
Phone: 270-412-6926

Watter's CDC #2
Address: Building #3609, Bastogne Avenue and 35th Street
Phone: 270-798-7072

Gardner Hills CDC
Address: 7404 McAuliffe Way
Phone: 270-412-0392

Eagles CDC
Address: Building # 205, Bastogne Avenue
Phone: 270-412-3304

Hourly Care
Website: https://campbell.armymwr.com/programs/hourly-care

Family Child Care (FCC)
Address: Building 2702, Michigan Avenue
Phone: 270-798-4959
Website: https://campbell.armymwr.com/programs/family-child-care

Middle School and Teens

Children sitting on the steps of a school

Bastogne Teen Center
Address: Building 1232, Bastogne Avenue
Phone: 270-461-0996
Website: https://campbell.armymwr.com/programs/middle-school-teens

Part Day Preschool
Address: Building 3066, Reed Avenue
Phone: 270-798-7280 / 7072
Website: https://campbell.armymwr.com/programs/part-day-preschool

Part Day Toddler Program
Address: Building #3066, Reed Avenue
Phone: 270-412-4477
Website: https://campbell.armymwr.com/programs/part-day-toddler-program

Strong Beginnings Pre-K Program
Address: Building # 3301, Indiana Avenue
Phone: 270-412-5189
Website: https://campbell.armymwr.com/programs/strong-beginnings-pre-k-program

School Age Center
Website: https://campbell.armymwr.com/programs/school-age-center

Airborne SAC
Address: 1231 Airborne Street
Phone: 270-461-1047

Gardner Hill SAC
Address: 7402 McAuliffe Way
Phone: 270-461-0642

School Support Services
Address: Building 2701, Michigan Avenue
Phone: 270-798-9874
Website: https://campbell.armymwr.com/programs/school-support-services

Youth Instructional Programs (formerly SKIES Unlimited)
Address: Building # 3411, Bastogne Avenue
Phone: 270-412-5811
Website: https://campbell.armymwr.com/programs/skiesunlimited

Youth Sports
kids playing soccer

Address: Building # 3411, Bastogne Avenue
Phone: 270-798-3168 / 5811
Website: https://campbell.armymwr.com/programs/youth-sports

Exceptional Family Member Program
Address: Building #1501, William C. Lee Road
Phone: 270-798-2727
Website: https://home.army.mil/campbell/index.php/acs/exceptional-family-member-program

Family Advocacy Program
Address: Building # 1501, William C. Lee Road
Phone: 270-412-5500
Website: https://home.army.mil/campbell/index.php/acs/family-advocacy-program

Financial Readiness Program
Address: Building # 1501, William C. Lee Road
Phone: 270-798-5518
Website: https://home.army.mil/campbell/index.php/acs/financial-readiness-program

Army Education Center

 Ft Campbell ACES

Address: 202 Bastogne Avenue
Phone: 270-798-3201 / 461-1469
Fax: 270-798-4396
Website: https://home.army.mil/campbell/index.php/aces

Housing Services Office
Soldier Support Center

Address: 2702 Michigan Avenue
Phone: 270-798-3808
DSN: 635-3808
Fax: 270-798-9940
Website: https://home.army.mil/campbell/index.php/housing-services

Campbell Crossing
Campbell Crossing

Address: 2702 Michigan Avenue
Phone: 931-431-9003
Fax: 931-431-2765
Email: info@campbellcrossingllc.com
Website: https://www.campbellcrossingllc.com/

Barracks Program
Phone: 270-798-0673

Relocation Readiness Program
Address: Building # 1501, William C. Lee Road
Phone: 270-798-6313
Website: https://home.army.mil/campbell/index.php/acs/relocation-readiness-program

Morale, Welfare and Recreation
Address: 2601 Indiana Avenue
Phone: 270-798-7535
MWR Directory
Website: https://home.army.mil/campbell/index.php/about/Garrison/fort-campbell-mwr


MWR Leisure Travel Services
Address: 101st Airborne Division Road, Building 1610
Phone: 270-798-7436 / 0509
Website: https://campbell.armymwr.com/programs/leisure-and-travel-services

horses in a field

RV Parks, Cabins and Pavilions
Address: Building # 6603, 11th Airborne Division Road
Phone: 270-798-2629
Website: https://campbell.armymwr.com/programs/camping

Physical Fitness Centers

Shaw PFC
Address: Building # 7979, California Road
Phone: 270-461-2294

Sabo PFC
Address: Building # 7037, Toccoa Road
Phone: 270-798-7355

Lozada PFC
Address: Building # 6992, Desert Store Avenue
Phone: 270-798-5830

Estep PFC
Address: Building # 2770, Kentucky Avenue
Phone: 270-798-4023 / 4664

Fratellenico PFC
Address: Building # 3932, Indiana AvenuePhone: 270-798-9418

Olive PFC
Address: Building # 6990, A Shau Valley Road
Phone: 270-798-4101

Gertsch PFC
Address: Building # 3610, Indiana Avenue (corner of 50th Street)
Phone: 270-798-2753

Clarksville Base PFC
Address: Building # 7540, Headquarters Loop Road
Phone: 270-412-5285

Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS)
Address: Building T39, Indiana Avenue
Phone: 931-436-1990
Website: https://campbell.armymwr.com/programs/boss

Mobilization, Deployment and Stability Support Operations
Address: Building #1501, William C Lee Road
Phone: 270-798-3849 / 2158
Website: https://home.army.mil/campbell/index.php/acs/mobilization-deployment-and-stability-support-operations

New Parent Support Program
Address: Building #1501, William C Lee Road
Phone: 270-798-5500
Website: https://home.army.mil/campbell/index.php/acs/new-parent-support-program

Resilience Training
Address: Building #1501, William C Lee Road
Phone: 270-798-6613
Website: https://home.army.mil/campbell/index.php/acs/resilience-training

Religious Support

church building

Address: 3108 Indiana Avenue
Phone: 270-798-6124 / 412-1528
24-hour Chaplain Care Line
: 270-798-2273
Website: https://home.army.mil/campbell/index.php/chaplains

Community Chapel
Address: 6721 A Shau Valley Road
Phone: 270-798-0356

Hospital Chapel
Address: BACH, Joel Drive, Building A
Phone: 270-798-8464

Liberty Chapel
Address: 3111 Bastogne Avenue
Phone: 270-798-3185

Memorial Chapel
Address: 3934 Indiana Avenue
Phone: 270-798-2066

Soldier's Chapel
Address: 5875 Desert Storm Avenue
Phone: 270-798-2352

Retirement Services Office
Soldier Support Center

Address: 2702 Michigan Avenue (the old commissary), Rm 213
Phone: 270-798-5280 / 3310
Email: usarmy.campbell.rso@mail.mil
Website: https://home.army.mil/campbell/index.php/about/Garrison/dhr/personnel-services/sfl-rso

Sexual Harassment/ Assault Response Program (SHARP)
24/7 Hotline 270-498-4319
Website: https://home.army.mil/campbell/index.php?cID=1391

Army Transition Assistance Program
Address: 5661 Screaming Eagle Boulevard
Phone: 270-798-5000 / 4163
Website: https://home.army.mil/campbell/index.php/about/Garrison/dhr/tap

Survivor Outreach Services
Address: Building #5001, Screaming Eagle Drive
Phone: 270-798-0272
Website: https://home.army.mil/campbell/index.php/acs/SOS

Veterinary Treatment
Ft Campbell Veterinary

Address: Building # 5289, 8th Street
Phone: 270-798-3614
Website: https://blanchfield.tricare.mil/Health-Services/Other/Veterinary-Clinic

Victim Advocate Program (VAP)
Address: Building # 1501, William C. Lee Road
Phone: 270-412-5500 / 931-980-5787
Website: https://home.army.mil/campbell/index.php/acs/victim-advocate-program

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Tennessee National Guard
Tennessee National Guard insignia

3041 Sidco Drive
Nashville, TN 37204
Information: 615-313-0633

DEERS / ID Card / CAC Office

AG HQ Tennessee
Tennessee National Guard HQs

Address: 3041 Sidco Drive, Houston Barracks, Building 100, Rm 1205, Nashville
Phone: 615-313-0594
Site Locator & Appointments: https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/locator
Site ID: 105156

AG HQ Tennessee #2
Address: 1801 S. Holtzclaw Avenue, PX Building, Chattanooga
Phone: 423-634-3808
Site Locator & Appointments: https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/locator
Site ID: 620064

AG HQ Tennessee #5
HQs 194th Engr Bde
Address: 1510 Highway 70 East Bypass, Jackson
Phone: 731-421-8612
Site Locator & Appointments: https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/locator
Site ID: 620378

AG HQ Tennessee #6
Armed Forces Reserve Center
Address: 686 Fitzhugh Boulevard, Suite A101, Smyrna
Phone: 615-267-6300
DSN: 683-6300
Site Locator & Appointments: https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/locator
Site ID: 620379

AG HQ Tennessee #7
168th Military Police Battalion
Address: 502 James H. Rice Road, Dyersburg
Phone: 731-286-8340
Site Locator & Appointments: https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/locator
Site ID: 620380

Knoxville National Guard Armory
Address: 3330 Sutherland Avenue, Knoxville
Phone: 865-582-3277
DSN: 683-3277
Site Locator & Appointments: https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/locator
Site ID: 152359


Staff Judge Advocate
Address: 3041 Sidco Drive, Room 105, Houston Barracks, Nashville
Phone: 615-313-3085 / 3086
Website: https://www.tn.gov/military/who-we-are/staff-judge-advocate.html

Trial Defense
Website: https://www.tn.gov/military/programs-benefits/legal-military/trial-defense-service-military.html


Military Treatment Facility (MTF)
Naval Branch Health Clinic, Naval Support Activity Mid-South, Millington
Address: 5722 Integrity Drive, Building # S-771
Phone: 901-874-6100
Website: https://tricare.mil/FindDoctor/MTF/View?ID=297

Behavioral Health
Phone: 615-267-7472
Email: ng.tn.tnarng.mbx.ngtn-bh@mail.mil
Website: https://www.tn.gov/military/programs-benefits/military-family-programs/behavioral-health-military.html

Tricare Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinator (BCAC)
Address: at Naval Branch Health Clinic, Millington
Phone: 901-874-6049 / 6067 / 5924
DSN: 882-6049 / 6067 / 5924
Fax: 901-874-6110
Tricare BCAC Directory:

Education Center
Address: 3041 Sidco Drive, Houston Barracks, Nashville
Phone: 615-313-0625 / 3123 / 0604
Email: ng.tn.tnarng.list.ngtn-j1-education@mail.mil
Website: https://www.tn.gov/military/programs-benefits/education-incentives



Employment Assistance
Address: Joint Forces HQ, 3041 Sidco Drive, Nashville
Website: https://www.tn.gov/military/programs-benefits/employment-assistance.html

Family Program Director
Phone: 615-313-0994 / 877-311-3264
Website: https://www.tn.gov/military/programs-benefits/military-family-programs.html

Soldier and Family Readiness Specialists

Mother and child

Phone: 615-927-1362 - Vacant
Website: https://www.tn.gov/military/programs-benefits/military-family-programs/soldier-and-family-readiness.html

Phone: 901-463-0204

Phone: 901-570-2731

Phone: 731-988-8908

Phone: 615-663-8958

Phone: 615-707-0581

Phone: 615-707-0580

Phone: 615-663-8369

Phone: 615-840-4878

Phone: 423-305-4062

Phone: 865-253-2747

Phone: 865-202-6338

Johnson City
Phone: 423-930-0748

Columbia - Vacant
Phone: 931-797-1475

Youth Programs
Address: 3041 Sidco Drive
Phone: 615-313-0547
Website: https://www.tn.gov/military/programs-benefits/military-family-programs/youth-programs-military.html

Religious Support
Phone: 615-838-1375
Email: ira.s.campbell.mil@mail.mil
Website: https://www.tn.gov/military/programs-benefits/military-family-programs/chaplain-military.html

Resilience and Risk Reduction Program
Address: 3041 Sidco Drive, Nashville
Phone: 615-313-0736
Website: https://www.tn.gov/military/programs-benefits/military-family-programs/r2c.html

Retirement Services
Address: 3041 Sidco Drive, Nashville
Phone: 615-313-0747
Email: ng.tn.tnarng.mbx.ngtn-retired-services@mail.mil
Website: https://www.tn.gov/military/programs-benefits/retirement-military.html

Sexual Harassment Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP)
24/7 Hotline: 1-877-995-5247
Phone: 615-313-3121 / 428-0743
Website: https://www.tn.gov/military/programs-benefits/military-family-programs/sharp.html

Suicide Prevention Program
Address: 3041 Sidco Drive, Nashville
Phone: 615-313-0685
Website: https://www.tn.gov/military/programs-benefits/military-family-programs/r2c.html

Survivor Outreach Services
Website: https://www.tn.gov/military/programs-benefits/military-family-programs/survivor-outreach-services.html

Survivor Outreach Services logo

SOS Middle TN
Address: 686 Fitzhugh Boulevard, Building 680, Smyrna
Phone: 615-355-3909

SOS South Central & South East TN
Address: 1801 Holtzclaw Avenue, Suite A-107, Chattanooga
Phone: 423-634-3811

Address: 253 Don May Drive, Johnson City
Phone: 423-467-2131

Address: 2610 East Holmes Road, Memphis
Phone: 901-395-5931

Transition Assistance
Transition Assistance logo

Address: 3041 Sidco Drive, Nashville
Phone: 615-313-3096
Website: https://www.tn.gov/military/programs-benefits/military-family-programs/taa.html

Yellow Ribbon Program
Phone: 615-313-0703
Website: https://www.tn.gov/military/programs-benefits/military-family-programs/yellow-ribbon-reintegration-program.html

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U.S. Army Reserve

Retirement Services Officer
81st Readiness Division

81st Readiness Division insignia

(States: AL, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands)
Address: 81 Wildcat Way, Fort Jackson, SC 29207
Phone: 803-751-9661 / 9698 / 9864
DSN: 734-9661 / 9698 / 9864
Fax: 803-751-3152
Email: usarmy.usarc.81-rsc.list.dhr-rso@mail.mil
Website: https://soldierforlife.army.mil/Retirement/ArmyReserve

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Services may also be available at Naval Support Activity Mid-South and Arnold Air Force Base.

For additional state resource information, please see the MyArmyBenefits - Tennessee Military and Veteran Benefits Fact Sheet.

Information on other military installations can be found at the Military Installations and Directories of Services Lookup, MyAirForceBenefits-Tennessee Military Resource Locator, Joint Services Support for the National Guard and the 81st Readiness Division.

Additional Housing information is available at Army Housing Online User Services and Homes.mil.

Click here for additional Survivor Outreach Services.

Document Review Date: 05 October 2021