Listed below are Oklahoma military installations and military support centers, with full contact information, that can assist you with your benefits. This applies to the entire military community including Active duty, National Guard and Reserve Service Members serving in any branch of the Armed Services in Oklahoma or those who claim this state as their home of record. Contact information is also available for Veterans, Families, Retired Service members and Survivors. For additional state benefits go to the MyArmyBenefits – Oklahoma Military and Veteran Benefits Fact Sheet.

Fort Sill
Oklahoma National Guard
U.S. Army Reserve

Fort Sill
Welcome to Ft Sill Oklahoma sign

Information: 580-442-8111
Welcome Desk: 580-442-3217
Prefix: 442 = DSN: 639-XXXX
Phone Directory

DEERS / ID Card / CAC Office
Site Locator & Appointments: https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/#/locator
Website: https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/#/
Address: 4700 Mow-Way Road, Suite 120
Phone: 580-442-5010
Website: https://sill-www.army.mil/USAG/DHR/MPSD/ID_cards1.html
Site ID: 102028

Finance / Defense Military Pay Office
Address: 4700 Mow-Way Rd
Phone: 580-442-3303
Military Pay Inquiries: 580-442-2191
PCS Travel: 580-442-4907
TL Desk: 580-442-4518
In/Out Processing: 580-442-9164
Reserve Pay: 580-442-2120
Retirement/ETS: 580-442-9162
Wounded Warrior: 580-442-2121

DFAS logo

Phone: 888-332-7411
Customer Service
Self Service – Press 1
Report the Death of a Military Retiree – Press 2
Garnishments – Press 3
Pay Inquiries – Press 4
- Travel Pay – Press 4, then option #1
- Military Retired and Annuitant Pay – Press 4, then option #2
- Military Pay – Press 4, then option #3
- Out of Service Debt – Press 4, then option #4
My Pay Website Assistance - Press 5
Affordable Care Act – Press 6
Website: https://www.dfas.mil/

Retired Military & Annuitants
Phone: 800-321-1080
Website: https://www.dfas.mil/retiredmilitary/

Taylor Hall

Address: Taylor Hall, Building 462
Phone: 580-442-5058
Fax: 580-442-3817
Website: https://sill-www.army.mil/usag/jag/

Legal Assistance
Legal Assistance

Address: Building 4700, Suite 400
Phone: 580-442-5058

Claims Office
Address: Building 4700, Suite 400
Phone: 580-442-5058

Administrative Law / Civil Law
Address: Taylor Hall, Building 462
Phone: 580-442-2703

Military Justice
Address: Taylor Hall, Building 462
Phone: 580-442-3900 / 1751

Trial Defense Service
Address: 652 Hamilton Road
Phone: 580-442-2223

Soldiers' MEB Counsel's Office
Soldiers' MEB Counsel's Office

Address: Suite 3G122, Reynolds Army Community Hospital, 4700 Mow Way
Phone: 580-558-2382

Medical and Dental

Military Treatment Facility (MTF)

Reynolds Army Community Hospital