Louisiana Military Installations - Contact Information

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Listed below are Louisiana military installations and military support centers, with full contact information, that can assist you with your benefits. This applies to the entire military community including Active duty, National Guard and Reserve Service Members serving in any branch of the Armed Services in Louisiana or those who claim this state as their home of record. Contact information is also available for Veterans, Families, Retired Service members and Survivors. For additional state benefits go to the MyArmyBenefits – Louisiana Military and Veteran Benefits Fact Sheet .

Common Resources
Fort Johnson (Formerly Fort Polk)
Louisiana National Guard
U.S. Army Reserve


Common Resources 

DEERS / ID Card / CAC Office
Site Locator & Appointments: https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/locator
Website: https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/

DFAS Insignia

Phone: 888-332-7411
Customer Service
Self Service - Option 1
Report the Death of a Military Retiree - Option 2
Garnishments - Option 3
Pay Inquiries Military | Civilian Debts (Retiree; Annuitant; Military and Travel pay) - Option 4
- Travel Pay - Option 4, then option 1
- Military Retired and Annuitant Pay - Option 4, then option 2
- Military Pay - Option 4, then option 3
myPay Website Assistance - Option 5
Affordable Care Questions - Option 6
Out of Service Debt - 866-912-6488
Website: https://www.dfas.mil

Retired Military & Annuitants
Phone: 800-321-1080
Website: https://www.dfas.mil/retiredmilitary/

Medical and Dental


Military Treatment Facility (MTF)
Website: https://tricare.mil/mtf?sc_database=web

Military Hospitals & Clinics

Tricare Service Center
Tricare East
Phone: 1-800-444-5445
Website: https://www.humanamilitary.com/

Tricare Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinator (BCAC)
Portal: https://milconnect.dmdc.osd.mil/milconnect/
Tricare BCAC Directory: https://tricare.mil/bcacdcao/

MHS (Military Health System) GENESIS 
Website: https://my.mhsgenesis.health.mil/pages/home

CHRISTUS Health Plan
Available in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana
Phone: 1-800-678-7347
Website: https://www.christushealthplan.org/get-coverage/us-family-health-plan


Tricare Dental Program
Phone: 1-844-653-4061
Website: https://tricare.mil/Dental.aspx

Federal Employee Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP)
Benefeds Dental Program-For Retired Service Members
Address:  P.O. Box 797, Greenland, NH 03840-0797 
Phone: 1-877-888-3337 (1-877-888-FEDS)
Website: https://www.benefeds.com/

Army Community Services 
Army Family Web Portal - Resource Center     

Army Family Web Portal   

Army Emergency Relief
AER Headquarters
Army Emergency Relief logo

Address: 2530 Crystal Drive, Suite 13161, 13th Fl, Arlington, VA 22202
Phone: 866-878-6378
DSN: 329-2768
Fax: 571-389-8522
Email: https://www.armyemergencyrelief.org/contact/
Website: https://www.armyemergencyrelief.org

American Red Cross Armed Forces Emergency Services at 877-272-7337

Education Office
Ignited logo

Website: https://www.armyignited.army.mil/student/public/welcome

Sexual Assault DoD Safe Helpline
24/7 Helpline: 877-995-5247
Website: https://www.safehelpline.org/

Military Suicide Prevention Crisis Line
24/7 Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255 x1 or Text: 838255
For Emergencies dial 988
Website: https://www.veteranscrisisline.net/get-help-now/military-crisis-line/

Veterinary Clinics
Website: https://health.mil/Military-Health-Topics/Health-Readiness/Public-Health/Veterinary-Services/Veterinary-Treatment-Facilities

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Fort Johnson

Fort Johnson
Prefix 531-XXXX = DSN 863-XXXX

DEERS / ID Card / CAC Office

JRTC Johnson
Address: 1716 3rd Street, Building 250
Phone: 337-531-1891
Website: https://home.army.mil/johnson/my-Fort-Johnson/all-services/id-cardsdeers
Site Locator & Appointments: https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/locator
Site ID: 102077

Finance / Army Military Pay Office
Address: Building 1630
Phone: 337-531-8648

Address: Building 250
In/Out Processing: 337-531-9661
Travel: 337-531-9661



Address: 7090 Alabama Avenue, Building 1454
Phone: 337-531-2580
Website:  https://home.army.mil/johnson/index.php/my-Fort-johnson/all-services/legal-assistance-office

Trial Defense Services
Phone:  337-531-4343
Website: https://home.army.mil/johnson/index.php/my-Fort-johnson/all-services/legal-assistance-office#qt0:4

Medical and Dental


Military Treatment Facility (MTF)
Bayne-Jones Army Community Hospital

Bayne Jones Army Hospital
Address: 1585 3rd Street, Building 285
Phone: 337-531-3118 / 3119
Appointments: 337-531-3011
Website: https://bayne-jones.tricare.mil

Women’s Health & Pregnancy
Address: 1585 3rd Street, Building 285, 4th Floor
Phone:  337-531-3705 / 3708
Website: https://bayne-jones.tricare.mil/Health-Services/Womens-Health-Pregnancy

Address: 1585 3rd Street, Building 285
Phone:  337-531-8090
Website: https://bayne-jones.tricare.mil/Health-Services/Pharmacy

Tricare Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinator (BCAC)
Phone: 337-531-3627 / 3626
Tricare BCAC Directory: https://tricare.mil/bcacdcao/


Troop Dental Clinics

Chesser Dental Clinic

Chesser Dental Clinic
Address: Corner of Bell Richard and Mississippi Avenue
Phone: 337-531-4833 / 4804

Shira Dental Clinic

Shira Dental Clinic
Address: Mississippi Avenue
Phone: 337-531-2121 / 4319 / 4096

Hospital Dental Clinic
Address: at Bayne Jones Army Community Hospital, 6th Fl West
Phone: 337-531-3729 / 3730 / 3731

Army Community Service (ACS)

Address: 1591 Bell Richard Avenue, Building 920
Phone: 337-531-1941
Website: https://johnson.armymwr.com/programs/army-community-services

Army Emergency Relief (AER)
Address: 1591 Bell Richard Avenue, Building 920
Phone: 337-531-1941
After Duty Hours, call American Red Cross at 337-531-1927 or 1-877-272-7337
Website:  https://johnson.armymwr.com/programs/acs/financial-readiness

Employment Readiness Program (ERP)
Address: 1591 Bell Richard Avenue, Building 920
Phone: 337-531-1941
Website:  https://johnson.armymwr.com/programs/acs/employment-readiness-program

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)
Address: 1591 Bell Richard Avenue, Building 920
Phone: 337-531-2840
Website:  https://johnson.armymwr.com/programs/acs/exeptional-familymember-program

Family Advocacy Program (FAP)
Address: 1591 Bell Richard Avenue, Building 920
Phone: 337-531-1941 / 4653
Website:  https://johnson.armymwr.com/programs/army-community-services

Financial Readiness Program
Address: 1591 Bell Richard Avenue, Building 920
Phone: 337-531-1941
Website: https://johnson.armymwr.com/programs/acs/financial-readiness

Mobilization, Deployment and Support Stability Operations (MDSSO)
Address: 1591 Bell Richard Avenue, Building 920
Phone: 337-531-7087
Website: https://www.armymwr.com/programs-and-services/personal-assistance/mobilization-and-deploym?pk_vid=35c6951f79a7107f1703865660f8fd46

Relocation Readiness Program
Address: 1591 Bell Richard Avenue, Building 920
Phone: 337-531-6941
Website: https://johnson.armymwr.com/programs/army-community-services

Survivor Outreach Services (SOS)
Address: 1591 Bell Richard Avenue, Building 920
Phone: 337-531-1941
Website:  https://johnson.armymwr.com/programs/acs/survivor-outreach-services

Child and Youth Services
Website:  https://johnson.armymwr.com/categories/cys-services

Parent Central Registration / Outreach Services
Address: 7960 Mississippi Avenue, Building 924
Phone: 337-531-1955
Website: https://johnson.armymwr.com/programs/parent-central-services-registration

Childcare - Child Development Center
Website:  https://johnson.armymwr.com/programs/childcare

CDC Building 701

CDC 701
Address: 7576 Colorado Avenue
Phone: 337-531-7041

CDC Building 702

Address: 7575 Utah Avenue
Phone: 337-531-0570

CDC Building 744

Address: 7600 Utah Avenue
Phone: 337-531-1955

CDC Building 3349

Address: 7687 Georgia Avenue (next to the Wheelock Fitness Center)
Phone: 337-531-6603

CDC Building 14500

Address: 2987 Entrance Road
Phone: 337-531-8400

Family Child Care
Address: 7960 Mississippi Avenue, Building 924
Website:  https://johnson.armymwr.com/programs/family-child-care

Middle School and Teens

Youth Center
Temporary Location:  Building 744
Address: Siegfried Youth Center, 5538 University Parkway, Building 4996
Phone: 337-531-1992
Website: https://johnson.armymwr.com/programs/youth-services

School Age Services (SAS)

School Age Services
Address: 6125 University Parkway, Building 260
Phone: 337-531-2149

Website:  https://johnson.armymwr.com/programs/school-age-services

School Support Services / School Liaison Officer (SLO)
Address: 7960 Mississippi Avenue, Building 924
Phone: 337-531-6673
Website: https://johnson.armymwr.com/programs/school-liaison-officer

Youth Sports
Address: 7960 Mississippi Avenue, Building 924
Phone: 337-531-6004
Website: https://johnson.armymwr.com/programs/youth-sports

Army Education Center
Address: 7460 Colorado Avenue, Building 660
Phone: 337-531-5269
Fax: 337-531-2832
Email: usarmy.johnson.id-readiness.mbx.dhr-education-services@army.mil
Website: https://home.army.mil/johnson/index.php/about/garrison-directorates-and-support-offices/directorate-human-resources/continuing-education-services

Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS)
Address: 2165 9th Street
Phone: 337-531-1948 / 5540
Website: https://johnson.armymwr.com/programs/boss

Phone: 337-531-6000
Website: https://home.army.mil/johnson/housing

Family Housing
Address: 7059 Magnolia Drive
Phone: 337-537-5000
Website: https://polk.corviaspm.com/

Morale, Welfare and Recreation
Website:  https://johnson.armymwr.com/

Outdoor Recreation
Recreational Equipment Rental
Address: 430 Alligator Loop, Building 8590
Phone: 337-531-5350
Website:  https://johnson.armymwr.com/programs/alligator-lake

Alligator Lake Recreation Site and RV Park

Aligator Lake Alligator Lake
Address: 430 Alligator Loop, Building 8590
Phone: 337-531-5350
Website:  https://johnson.armymwr.com/programs/alligator-lake

Toledo Bend Army Recreation Site

Toledo Bend Army Recreation Toledo Bend
Address: 1310 Army Recreation Road
Phone: 318-565-4235 / 4484
Website: https://johnson.armymwr.com/programs/toledo-bend-army-recreation-park

Sports & Fitness
Website:  https://johnson.armymwr.com/categories/sports-and-fitness

Warrior Fitness Center
Address: 8314 Alabama Avenue, Building 2276
Phone: 337-531-1898
Website: https://johnson.armymwr.com/programs/warrior-fitness-center

Tiger Land Fitness Center
Address: 2870 G Avenue, Building 7318A
Phone: 337-531-5010
Website:  https://johnson.armymwr.com/programs/162nd-fitness-center

Cantrell Fitness Center
Address: 2000 Glory Loop, Building 1262
Phone: 337-531-1935
Website:  https://johnson.armymwr.com/programs/cantrell-fitness-center

Home of Heroes Functional Fitness Center
Address: 2165 9th Street, Building 1455
Phone: 337-531-4337
Website:  https://johnson.armymwr.com/programs/home-heroes-functional-fitness-center

Wheelock Fitness Center
Address: 7755 Georgia Avenue, Building 3350
Phone: 337-531-6795
Website: https://johnson.armymwr.com/programs/wheelock-fitness-center

Religious Support
24/7 Duty Chaplain

Phone:  337-208-2868
Website: https://home.army.mil/johnson/about/garrison-directorates-and-support-offices/Chaplains

Main Post Chapel

Main Post Chapel
Address: 7217 Stannard Street, Building 428
Phone: 337-531-2669

Glory Chapel
Address: 1980 Glory Loop Road, Building 1168

Retirement Services Office (RSO)
Address: 1716 3rd Street , Building 250, Rm 130 / 131
Phone: 337-531-0363 / 0402
Website: https://home.army.mil/johnson/index.php/about/garrison-directorates-and-support-offices/directorate-human-resources/military-personnel-division

Sexual Harassment Assault Response Prevention and (SHARP)
24/7 Hotline: 337-531-1848
Address: 1820 Corp Road, Building 330
Phone: 337-531-1788
Website: https://home.army.mil/johnson/contact/sexual-harrassmentassault-respons-prevention-sharp

Army Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

Army Transition Assistance
Address: 7460 Colorado Avenue, Building 660
Phone: 337-531-1591
Email: usarmy.johnson.id-readiness.mbx.tap@army.mil
Website: https://home.army.mil/johnson/about/garrison-directorates-and-support-offices

Suicide Prevention Program Manager

Suicide Prevention Program
Address: 7438 California Avenue, Building 4275, Rm 119,
Phone: 337-531-6187
Website: https://home.army.mil/johnson/contact/contact-us/crisis-phone-numbers

Veterinary Clinic

Veterinary Clinic
Address: 7414 Colorado Avenue, Building 665
Phone: 337-531-1322 / 1323 / 1320
Website: https://health.mil/Military-Health-Topics/Health-Readiness/Public-Health/Veterinary-Services/Veterinary-Treatment-Facilities

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Louisiana National Guard

Louisiana National Guard Insignia

6400 Saint Claude Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70117
Information: 318-641-5600

DEERS / ID Card / CAC Office
Website: https://geauxguard.la.gov/id-card-rapids-deers-contact-information/

HQ Louisiana ARNG
Jackson Barracks
Address: 6400 St. Claude Avenue, Building 250, New Orleans
Phone: 504-278-8493
Fax: 504-278-8537
Site Locator & Appointments: https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/locator
Site ID: 150556

Camp Beauregard
Address: 496 3rd Street, Pineville
Phone: 318-290-5209 / 641-5743
Site Locator & Appointments: https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/locator
Site ID: 107693

AG HQ Louisiana
Address: 8110 Innovation Park Drive, Baton Rouge
Phone: 225-761-6771 / 6770
Site Locator & Appointments: https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/locator
Site ID: 620445

For Legal Assistance: See Fort Johnson

Child and Youth Programs

Child and Youth Program
Phone: 504-756-5960
Website: https://geauxguard.la.gov/office-of-family-programs/

Family Programs

Louisiana National Guard Family programs insignia
Address: 6500 St Claude Avenue, Building 35
Website: https://geauxguard.la.gov/office-of-family-programs/

Soldier and Family Readiness
Specialist Regional Map

Phone:  318-489-8598
Website: https://geauxguard.la.gov/office-of-family-programs/

Region 1
Phone: 504-427-5811 / 308-6568

Region 2
Phone: 504-202-8771 / 318-955-7299

Region 3
Phone: 225-747-7897 / 337-658-3417

Region 4
Phone: 337-532-0835

Region 5
Phone: 318-308-8734 / 787-9378 / 4537

Region 6
Phone: 318-416-7409

Region 7
Phone: 318-537-2897 / 318-381-6903

Louisiana Army National Education Services
Address: 6400 St. Claude Avenue, STOP 408, New Orleans
Website: https://geauxguard.la.gov/education/

Religious Support
Phone: 504-331-9890
Website: https://geauxguard.la.gov/chaplain/

Resilience, Risk Reduction, and Suicide Prevention
Phone: 318-290-5449 / 504-278-8415
Website: https://geauxguard.la.gov/r3sp/

Retirement Services Office (RSO)
Address: 6400 St Claude Avenue / 496 3rd Street, Camp Beauregard
Phone: 318-290-5672
RPAM NCO: 504-278-8355
Email: ng.la.laarng.mbx.j1-retirement-rpam@army.mil
Website: https://geauxguard.la.gov/retirement-services/

Sexual Assault Prevention Response / Sexual Harassment Assault Response Prevention
Phone: 225-329-8254 / 716-2531
Website: https://geauxguard.la.gov/sharp/

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U.S. Army Reserve

81st Readiness Division

81st Readiness Division insignia

Address:  81st Wildcat Way, Columbia, SC 29207
Website:  https://www.usar.army.mil/81stRD/

Legal Assistance
Website: https://www.usar.army.mil/Commands/Geographic/81st-Readiness-Division/81st-RSC-Resources/Legal-Assistance-Services/

Retirement Services
81st Readiness Division
(States: AL, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands)
Address:  1525 Marion Avenue, Fort Jackson, SC
Phone: 803-751-9698 / 9864
Email:  usarmy.usarc.81-rd.mbx.dhr-psd-rso@army.mil
Website: https://soldierforlife.army.mil/Retirement/ArmyReserve

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Services may also be available at Barksdale AFB, and Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New Orleans .

For additional state resource information, please see the MyArmyBenefits – Louisiana Military and Veteran Benefits Fact Sheet.

Information on other military installations can be found at the Military Homefront Installations and Directories of Services Lookup, MyAirForceBenefits-Louisiana Military Resource Locator and the Joint Services Support for the National Guard.

Additional information on the Military Health System is available at Health.mil.

Additional Housing information is available at Army Housing Online User Services and Homes.mil.

Click here for additional Survivor Outreach Services.

For additional help with Suicide Prevention please dial 988

To reach the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response office call the DoD Safe Helpline at 877-995-5247 or toll-free at 202-540-5962. Or contact the VA facilities by calling 1-800-MyVA411 (1-800-698-2411, option 9). 

Document Review Date: 14 September 2023