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TRICARE Retired Reserve (TRR) is a premium-based, health plan available worldwide for purchase by qualified Retired Reserve members and their eligible Family members. TRR delivers the TRICARE Standard/Extra benefit to all covered individuals. This population of Guard and Reserve retirees is commonly referred to as "Gray-Area Retirees." Due to tax law changes, effective January 1, 2019, you will no longer be required to have minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Each January you will still get an IRS Form 1095 from your pay center listing the coverage you had during the previous tax year.

DFAS will provide IRS Form 1095-C to all U.S. military members, and IRS Form 1095-B to all Retirees, Annuitants, former Spouses and all other individuals having TRICARE coverage during all or any portion of tax year 2019. An IRS Form 1095 documents you (and your Family members, if applicable) have the minimum essential coverage. These forms will document the information that DFAS will provide to the IRS on yourself and your authorized Family members. The forms will be required to be reported with your 2019 federal tax return. DFAS will provide you with IRS Form 1095 series forms no later than 31 January 2020.


Retired Army National Guard Service members and their Family members or survivors may qualify to purchase TRICARE Retired Reserve (TRR):Veteran with hand over heart

  • Retired Reserve members who are:

    • Members of the retired Reserve of a Reserve Component who are qualified for non-regular retirement under 10 U.S.C., Chapter 1223

    • Under age 60

    • Not eligible for, or enrolled in, the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) program

  • Family members of qualified Retired Reserve members

  • Survivors of retired Reserve members if:

    • The sponsor was covered by TRICARE Retired Reserve when they died.

    • They are immediate Family members of the deceased sponsor (Spouses cannot have remarried).

    • TRICARE Retired Reserve coverage would begin before the date the deceased sponsor would have turned 60 years old.

Note: Survivor coverage is not affected by FEHB eligibility.

Retired Guardsmen ineligible for TRR may be eligible for TRICARE for Life.

Benefit Highlights

Enrollment: Retired Guardsmen and Reservists may purchase TRICARE Retired Reserve (TRR) to begin in any month of the year. The application form must be postmarked or received no later than the last day of the month before coverage is to begin. If a Service member/Family member loses coverage under any other TRICARE health care plan and qualifies for TRR, they may purchase TRR with no break in coverage. The application must be received no later than 30 days after the loss of other TRICARE coverage. The effective date begins on the day of loss of prior TRICARE coverage.

Purchasing TRICARE Retired Reserve is a two-step process that you must complete online.

Step 1: Qualify


If you don't qualify, you won't be able to complete or print the form.

By Phone

Call your regional contractor:

  • East Region: 1-820-444-5445

  • West Region: 1-844-866-9378

  • Overseas: International SOS

In Person

Reserve members located overseas may submit enrollment requests at a TRICARE Service Center.

Step 2: Purchase

You may purchase the plan at any time throughout the year. Mail or fax your completed Reserve Component Health Coverage Request Form (DD Form 2896-1) along with the initial payment of two month premiums to initiate coverage to your regional contractor within the specified deadline.

Regional Contractor addresses and fax numbers can be found here.

Survivors of TRR sponsors may continue TRR coverage until the day the sponsor would have become eligible for retiree benefits (typically age 60). If survivors do not want TRR coverage, a written letter or form DD 2896-1 must be postmarked or received no later than 60 days after the date of the sponsor's death. Premiums will be refunded if there have been no claims for health care submitted during this 60-day period.

TRR follows TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS) procedures. Coverage is similar to TRICARE Standard and TRICARE Extra and is available overseas. Cost shares, deductibles, and catastrophic caps similarly follow TRICARE Standard/Extra that apply to active duty Family members for all individuals (including the Guard/Reserve member) covered under TRR.

Monthly premiums, payments above the TRICARE-allowable charge, and payments for non-covered services are not credited toward the TRR Catastrophic Cap ($3,655 per Family, per fiscal year).

Annual Outpatient Deductible: You must meet the annual outpatient deducible each fiscal year (October 1 - September 30) before cost sharing begins:

Cost Shares: You are responsible to pay a cost share based on the type of care and type of provider you see (network vs. non-network). Non-network providers may charge up to 15% above the TRICARE allowable charge. You are also responsible for these extra charges.

Some inpatient cost shares are subject to change each fiscal year (FY), October 1st through September 30th each year. The costs below are effective January 1, 2019.

Inpatient cost shares



In Network: $156 per individual, no more than $313 per family

Non-network: $313 per individual, no more than $626 per family

*There is no Family option for TYA

Catastrophic Cap

Catastrophic Cap


Health Plan Costs

Outpatient Visit - Primary

Network: $26

Non-network: 25%

Outpatient Visit - Specialty

Network: $41

Non-network: 25%

Urgent Care

Network: $41

Non-network: 25%

Emergency Services

Network: $83

Non-network: 25%

Laboratory and X-Ray

Network: $0

Non-network: 25%

Ambulance Services

Network: $62

Non-network: 25%

Ambulatory Surgery (Same Day)

Network: $99

Non-network: 25%

Mental Health (Inpatient)

Network: $182

Non-network: 25%

Mental Health (Outpatient/Partial Hospitalization) - Primary Care

Network: $26

Non-network: 25%

Mental Health (Outpatient/Partial Hospitalization) - Specialty Care

Network: $41

Non-network: 25%

Mental Health (Residential Treatment Facility)

Network: $52

Non-network: Less of $313/day or 20%

Clinical Preventive Services


Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, and Medical Supplies

Network: 20%

Non-network: 25%

Home Health Care


Hospice Care

$0 (Medical equipment and pharmacy are billed separately)

Hospitalization (Inpatient Care)

Network: $182

Non-network: 25%



Maternity (Delivery/Inpatient)

Network: $182

Non-network: 25%

Maternity (Delivery/Birthing Center)

Network: $99

Non-network: 25%

Maternity (Home) - Primary

Network: $26

Non-network: 25%

Maternity (Home) - Specialty

Network: $41

Non-network: 25%

Newborn Care

Network: $0

Non-network: 25%

Skilled Nursing

Network: $52

Non-network: Less of $313/day or 20%

Monthly Premiums

Type of Coverage


Member Only

$444.37 per month

Member and Family

$1066.26 per month

Ending TRICARE Retired Reserve Coverage

Your coverage may end for a number of reasons, both voluntary or involuntary.

  • When coverage ends, excess premium payments are refunded.

  • When a sponsor's coverage ends for any reason, family members' coverage also ends.

Voluntarily End Coverage

You may choose to end TRICARE Retired Reserve coverage at any time. You may end the entire plan or coverage for an individual family member. Take the following actions to end your coverage:

  1. Log on to the Beneficiary Web Application and follow the instructions to "Disenroll"

  2. Complete the Reserve Component Health Coverage Request Form (DD Form 2896-1)

  3. Print and mail your completed form to your regional contractor.

You will not be able to purchase TRICARE Retired Reserve again until the next open enrollment season.

Don't Just Stop Making Payments

If you don't follow the correct steps to end your coverage and you simply stop making premium payments, your coverage ends. However, you're still responsible for any premium amounts that are due.

Note: If you lose coverage due to non-payment of monthly premiums, you don't qualify to purchase the CHCBP.

Additional Information

For more information, visit the TRICARE Retired Reserve web site:

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Document Review Date: 23 January 2020