Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance (S-DVI)

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The Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance (S-DVI) program was established in 1951 to meet the insurance needs of certain Veterans with service-connected disabilities. Veterans may choose from a number of plans as well as term insurance that best meets their particular needs. Policies are issued for a maximum face amount of $10,000. Those who qualify for S-DVI and are granted a waiver of premium may be eligible for Supplemental S-DVI with a face amount of up to an additional $30,000.

S-DVI programs will close to new enrollment (no new applications will be accepted) after December 31, 2022.

In January 2023, VA will launch a new life insurance program called Veterans Affairs Life Insurance (VALife), which provides guaranteed acceptance whole life insurance coverage to Veterans age 80 and under, with any level of service-connected disability. Some Veterans age 81 and older may also be eligible.

Can I apply for VALife if I have S-DVI?

If you have S-DVI, you can apply for VALife. If you apply before December 31, 2025, you can keep S-DVI during the initial two year enrollment period for VALife.

Do I have to switch to VALife?

No, you may remain in the S-DVI program.

Note: Premium rates are proposed rates based on current estimates and may change prior to implementation of VALife on January 1, 2023.


To obtain S-DVI, Service members must meet all of the following 4 criteria:

  1. You were released from active duty under other than dishonorable conditions on or after April 25, 1951

  2. You were rated for a service-connected disability (even if only 0%)

  3. You are in good health except for any service-connected conditions

  4. You apply by December 31, 2022, or within two years of receiving your disability rating (whichever comes first)

Note: An increase of a rating you had before-or a rating of Individual Unemployability, meaning you cannot work-does not qualify you for S-DVI

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Benefit Highlights

Coverage Available:
S-DVI is available in a number of permanent plans as well as term insurance, each with their own specific features and rate structures. To help choose the best option for you, you can view the specific plans and features in the Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance RH Information and Premium Rates pamphlet.

To apply use VA form 29-4364, Application for Service-Disabled Veterans Life Insurance (S-DVI).

Insurance can be purchased in amounts from $1,000 to a maximum amount of $10,000. If you have other Government Life Insurance, the total amount of the policies cannot be more than $10,000 not including SGLI and VGLI. In other words, if you are covered under SGLI / VGLI you still have the right to buy this insurance.

Applying for Coverage:
Veterans must apply within two years from the date VA grants them a new service-connected disability. Veterans can apply for S-DVI online at

Waiver of Premiums Feature:
Premiums on an S-DVI policy may be waived if the policyholders' disability prevents the Service member from working. The total disability must begin before the policyholder's 65th birthday and must continue for at least six consecutive months. The total disability may begin prior to the effective date of the policy, provided that the disabling condition is service-connected. Policyholders who carry the basic S-DVI coverage and who become eligible for a waiver of premiums can apply for and be granted additional Supplemental S-DVI of up to $30,000.

To apply for waiver of premiums, Veterans must file VA Form 29-357, Claim for Disability Insurance Benefits.

Supplemental S-DVI:
The Veterans' Benefits Act of 2010, provided for $30,000 of supplemental coverage to S-DVI policyholders. Premiums may not be waived on this supplemental coverage. S-DVI policyholders are eligible for this supplemental coverage if:

  • Eligible for a waiver of premiums

  • Apply for the coverage within one year from notice of the grant of waiver

  • Under age 65

To apply for Supplemental S-DVI, you must file VA Form 29-0188, Application for Supplemental Service-Disabled Veterans (SRH) Insurance or send a letter requesting this insurance over your signature. You must apply for the coverage within one year from notice of the grant of waiver of premiums.

Additional Information

For more information, please visit the S-DVI webpage maintained by the Department of Veterans Affairs:

Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance RH Information and Premium Rates:

Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance (S-DVI) Fact Sheet:

Document Review Date: 11 October 2022