School Liaison Officer

Army Reserve: Active Duty

Benefit Fact Sheet


School Liaison Officers: Serve as the primary point of contact for school-related matters; Represent, inform, and assist Commands; Assist military Families with school issues; Coordinate with local school systems; Forge partnerships between the military and schools.


Service members serving on continuous active duty for at least 180 days are eligible for using the School Liaison's services.

Benefit Highlights

School Support Services logo with a school bus behind it  The Army has an active School Liaison Officer program on each of its installations. The Army School Liaison Officers (SLO) serve the Active, National Guard, Army Reserve, and Accessions Commands and geographically dispersed Families within a one-hour distance of their installation.

Download the Army School Liaison Officer Directory or call Child & Youth Services (CYS) .

The goals are to:

  • Identify barriers to academic success and develop solutions

  • Promote parental involvement and educate local communities and schools regarding the needs of military Children

  • Develop and coordinate partnerships in education; and

  • Provide parents with the tools they need to overcome obstacles to education that stem from the military lifestyle.

The School Liaison Officer:

  • Serves as the primary point of contact for school-related matters

  • Represents, informs, and assists CommandTeachers meeting with Students

  • Assists military Families with school issues

  • Coordinates with local school systems

  • Forges partnerships between the military and schools.

Additional Information

Department of Defense Education Activity

Army School Liaison Directory

In addition, contact information for School Liaison officers on Army installations may be located on the Military Resource Locator Library on MyArmyBenefits:

Document Review Date: 26 August 2020