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Army Reserve: Active Duty

Benefit Fact Sheet


Military life presents unique challenges to students and their Families, and School Support Services can help. School Support Services, which is a part of Child & Youth Services (CYS), provides a wide range of services through the School Liaison Program. School Liaison Officers (SLOs) work directly with Families, educators, and military units to ensure smooth transitions and deliver resources to military-connected students and their Families. These services are provided at no cost to you.


Service members serving on continuous active duty for at least 180 days are eligible for using the School Liaison's services.

Benefit Highlights

graduates in cap and gown with young students behind them School Liaison Officers provide resources to Families to help “level the playing field” for
military-connected children in PreK-12 as they transition. Some of these resources include information about their new communities and information on the regulations and policies in their state regarding education. If you are being relocated to an area near a military installation, regardless of the military branch, reach out to the School Liaison.

Download the Army School Liaison Officer Directory or call Child & Youth Services (CYS) .

School Liaison Officers (SLOs) implement the School Liaison Program which supports Families and students experiencing all types of transitions. SLOs work diligently to maintain a flow of communication between parents, schools and installations. Please call or visit a SLO office for information related to:

  • School Transition and Deployment Support

  • Installation and School Communication

  • Partnerships in Education

  • Homeschool Connections

  • Post-Secondary Education/Opportunities

Teachers meeting with Students The School Liaison Officer:

  • Serves as the primary point of contact for school-related matters

  • Represents, informs, and assists Command

  • Assists military Families with school issues

  • Coordinates with local school systems

  • Forges partnerships between the military and schools.

  • Initiates Army Youth Sponsorship for transitioning students.

Additional Information

Army MWR School Support Services:

Army School Liaison Directory:

In addition, contact information for School Liaison officers on Army installations may be located on the Military Resource Locator Library on MyArmyBenefits:

Document Review Date: 10 November 2022