Reimbursement for State Licensure and Certification Costs for the Spouse of a Soldier

Army National Guard: Active Duty Under Title 10 USC or Title 32 USC (Full-Time National Guard Duty)

Benefit Fact Sheet

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The 2018 National Defense Authorization Act allows each service branch to reimburse the Service member up to $1,000 for Spouse's relicensure and certification costs resulting from relocations or Permanent Change of Station (PCS) moves that cross U.S. state - to include OCONUS to stateside moves.


Spouses of Army National Guard Soldiers on Federal active duty of any rank who moved across state lines due to a PCS under accompanied orders, and who wish to pursue the same licensure or certification in their new location are eligible for reimbursement.

Benefit Highlights

The Army defines "qualified relicensing costs" as any fees or costs associated with getting the same or similar license in a new state that a military Spouse held at their previous location. This includes exam and registration fees. You can receive up to $1,000 in reimbursement per move.

The Spouse is not required to have held the license in the immediately preceding duty station state. So long as the Spouse, while married to the Soldier, held the license at any prior duty station state, reimbursement eligibility requirements are met upon PCS to the new duty station state. For example,
a Soldier PCSing from outside continental United States to continental United States may meet eligibility requirements for spousal licensure reimbursement; likewise, a Soldier’s Spouse who, upon PCS to a new state, renews their license after a lapse between duty stations may meet eligibility requirements.

Documents needed for reimbursement:

  • Standard Form 1034, “Public Voucher for Purchases and Services Other Than Personal”

  • Copy of PCS orders

  • Copy of Spouse’s previous state license or certification that was valid at the previous station

  • Copy of new state license or certification

  • Proof of fee payment

  • Copy of marriage certificate

Reimbursement Process : You can apply for reimbursement after getting your new license or certification. Commanders will assign local officers to approve documents and eligibility status. Once approved, the reimbursement will transfer to a Soldier’s direct deposit account within 10 working days.

Additional Information
Document Review Date: 28 September 2023