Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA)

Regular Army: Active Duty

Benefit Fact Sheet


The Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) program enables Service members assigned overseas to privately lease housing on the economy. This program is a reimbursement system that takes into consideration the amount Service members spend on rent, utilities and associated move-in costs.


Army active duty Soldiers are eligible for Overseas Housing Allowance.

Benefit Highlights

Overseas Housing Allowance Key Facts:

  • Enables Service members to rent comparable housing at an overseas duty-station when on-base or government housing is not available.

  • Partially offsets the housing costs of living on the local economy by adapting to varied housing conditions.

  • Reflects what Service members are actually paying in housing costs and is adjusted for local currency exchange rates.

ALARACT 097/2016 - Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH), Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA), and Cost of Living (COLA) Secretarial Waiver Guidance:

The ALARACT 097/2016 clarifies secretarial waiver guidance for Soldiers to be considered to receive BAH, OHA, AND COLA at other than the Permanent Duty Station (PDS) location under certain circumstances. The purpose of this guidance is to stabilize the Soldier's dependents for a relatively short period of time when circumstances require dependents to reside separately.

To be eligible for consideration of a waiver, the Soldier's dependents must reside with them prior to PCS unless the Service member is serving an unaccompanied tour. The dependents must continue to reside at the previous duty station or government-approved designated place. The previous duty station is defined as the location of the last duty station in which shipment of household goods at government expense was authorized. Designated place is defined as the location to which the government authorized movement of dependents.

For more information on ALARACT 097/2016 - BAH, OHA, and COLA Secretarial Waiver Guidance, visit: https://www.carlisle.army.mil/kmn/modules/inprocessing/documents/USABAHWaiver.pdf

Overseas Housing Allowance Components:

  • Maximum Rental Allowance : A monthly payment designed to help compensate Service members for rental expenses at assigned overseas location.

  • Utility/Recurring Maintenance Allowance : Paid monthly to help offset expenses for members who pay utilities, recurring maintenance, and minor repair expenses.

  • Move-in Housing Allowance (MIHA) : A one-time payment to all OHA recipients designed to cover average move-in expenses, such as utility installation, at an overseas location.

Rental allowances are computed using actual rental payments reported through the finance system and are designed so that 80% of members with dependents have rental payments fully reimbursed. For other members, Rental allowance may cover the majority of the rental expenses.

The Utility/Recurring Maintenance allowance and MIHA Miscellaneous are determined by surveys. The survey collects data annually to identify how much Service members spent in the previous year for utilities and recurring maintenance. The data is then used to determine Utility/Recurring Allowances, as part of the computation of a Service member’s OHA. Additionally, every three years a MIHA survey is conducted to identify how much money Service members spend on move-in expenses.

Service members can make a difference in the amount of Utility/Recurring Maintenance allowance and MIHA Miscellaneous they receive by keeping accurate expense records and participating in these surveys.

The Defense Travel Management Office website contains OHA locality tables with current rate information: https://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/site/oha.cfm .

Required For Submission:

Complete a DD Form 2367 , “Individual Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) Report,” and submit the completed form with a copy of your lease agreement to the appropriate official for approval. If you qualify for MIHA/Rent, MIHA/Security, or MIHA/Infectious Disease, you must also complete DD Form 2556 , “Move-In Housing Allowance Claim.” A new DD Form 2367 must be completed each time your housing information changes.

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Document Review Date: 20 September 2019