Financial Readiness Program (FRP)

Army National Guard: State Active Duty

Benefit Fact Sheet

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The Army's Financial Readiness Program (FRP) is available at every installation. Army Community Service (ACS) FRP teaches Soldiers in both classroom training & individual counseling sessions, how to save and invest their money, how to establish savings goals, debt elimination strategies, and saving for emergencies. Through partnerships with non-profit corporations, many of these tools and resources are provided online for those geographically separated from an ACS office. Contact your local installation ACS center or Family Service Center for more information.


Army National Guard Soldiers on state active duty and their authorized Family members are not eligible for Financial Readiness services but are eligible for services from Military OneSource and may access online tools provided by  the Department of Defense (see Additional Resources section below).

Additional Information

For more information, finance calculators, online training, and other tools see the Financial Readiness website maintained by Army MWR:

More information can be found in Ch 4 Section V of AR 608-1, Army Community Service:

For the location of the Finance Readiness office on local Army Installations, check the Military Resource Locator library on MyArmyBenefits:

Financial Frontline:   

Document Review Date: 28 July 2023