Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS)

Army National Guard: Retired

Benefit Fact Sheet

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Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS) educates selected Regular Army officers toward an advanced degree to meet the educational requirements of US Army positions. The Advanced Civil Schooling fully funded graduate program provides Army officers the best academic education in the timeliest and most cost effective manner so that they may advance their careers into positions that require graduate degrees and better meet the needs of the Army.


Retired Army National Guard Soldiers are not eligible for Advanced Civil Schooling. Advanced Civil Schooling is intended to facilitate the education of current Active Duty Officers for assignment to positions that require graduate degrees.

Additional Information

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HRC Advanced Civil Schooling Programs General Information:

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Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS):

Fully Funded Graduate Programs FY23 Standing Policies and Procedures (28 June 2022):


Document Review Date: 29 September 2023