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VA Benefits I and II briefings are mandatory components of the Army's Soldier for Life-Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP). These briefings provide an overview of VA benefits for which a transitioning Service member and/or their dependents may be eligible. During the briefings, Service members will be provided information on education, training, and upskilling, economic opportunities, estate planning, housing, health care, and compensation benefits.   Service members will also receive an orientation of the Health Care and eBenefits. Special consideration and additional counseling is given to those Service members who know or believe they will receive disability compensation from the VA following their transition into civilian life.

The goal of the Benefits Briefings is twofold: first, to encourage and assist Service members in making informed decisions about benefits for which they may be eligible. Finally, Service members who will be claiming a disability are placed into the claims, healthcare, and educational/employment assistance programs as quickly as possible. This speeds up the process and reduces critical wait time for these Service members.

NOTE: Spouses and Family members are permitted and encouraged to attend any or all of the briefings with the Service member.



National Guard Service members transitioning from the military after 180 days of continuous Federal service under U.S.C. Title 10 or Title 32 are required to attend the VA Benefits briefings prior to their separation date. This includes Service members being processed for medical or other involuntary separations.

Benefit Highlights:

The VA Benefits briefings consist of two classroom modules: a four-hour Benefits I Briefing and a two-hour Benefits II Briefing.

The Benefits I Briefing covers the following:

  • Module 1: Education (GI Bills), Training, and Upskilling
  • Module 2: Economic Opportunities
  • Module 3: Estate Planning
  • Module 4: Housing
  • Module 5: Health Care

The Benefits II Briefing covers the following:

  • Navigation of VA Health Care Web Portal
  • Module 6: Compensation Benefits and Claims Process
  • Navigation of VA eBenefits Web Portal

Your SFL-TAP Center will help you identify availability of the VA Benefits Briefings.

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Document Review Date: 3 March 2016