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Troops to Teachers (TTT) provides Referral Assistance and Counseling services to military personnel interested in beginning a second career in public education as a teacher. The TTT Program was transferred from the Department of Education to the Department of Defense, Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD). The OSD TTT program helps eligible participants identify teacher certification requirements, programs leading to certification, and employment opportunities.

As of 3 Jan 2017, Troops to Teachers state office funding has been delayed while a review is being conducted to determine if the grant portion of the program was operating in accordance with DoD regulations.  Applications for participation in the Troops to Teachers program are being received and processed.  Financial assistance in the form of a stipend or a bonus may be available to participants who meet military service, education and application requirements.  Troops to Teachers National Office professionals are standing by to answer questions and/or work through any issues.


For Counseling and Referral Services: 

  • Service: Any individual currently serving or separated with an honorable discharge may register for counseling and referral services from Troops to Teachers.
  • Bonus: TTT participants must be registered with TTT before being hired as a full-time teacher as one consideration in qualifying for the TTT bonus.

For Financial Assistance:

Pending the availability of funds, qualified Soldiers may receive financial assistance based on the following conditions: 

  • Teach three years in an "Eligible" school - Up to $5K for teacher certification expenses. TTT pays the bonus in three equal payments, one year at a time.  
  • Teach three years in a "high-needs school", or a school serving a high percentage of disadvantaged students -$10K bonus. TTT pays the bonus in three equal payments, one year at a time.  
  • Total amount received cannot exceed $10k.
  • JROTC participants may receive a bonus of no more than $5K

An Eligible School is defined as one where the Free/Reduced Cost Lunch percentage is 30% or more, the school has an IDEA percentage of 13% or more, or is a Bureau of Indian Affairs funded school.

High Need schools are defined as one where the Free/Reduced Cost Lunch percentage are 50% or more for public middle or elementary schools, 40% or more for public high schools, or eligible under 6211(b) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, which covers rural schools.

  • There are ten bonus categories used to prioritize payments based on subject area, recent or former registration, and JROTC that are paid monthly, quarterly or at the end of the fiscal year.

To qualify for financial assistance Army National Guard Soldiers must meet the Referral education requirements and one of the conditions below: 

  • Currently serving in the National Guard with 6 or more years of creditable service toward retirement and commit to serving an additional three years, or until retirement eligible.
  • Separated from the National Guard due to a physical disability on or after January 8, 2002. Must register within four years after separation.
  • Individuals transitioning from active duty on or after January 8, 2002, and have served four years on active duty immediately before separation, and commit to three years with a Selected Reserve unit. Must register within four years after separation.
  • Individuals who qualify for Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits cannot qualify for the TTT stipend of up to $5K certification unless those benefits have been exhausted, other GI Bill versions do not affect the stipend. Additionally, some state benefits may have exceptions to this policy.

Benefit Highlights:

Primary Objectives

The primary objective of TTT is to recruit quality teachers for schools that serve students from low-income families throughout America. TTT helps relieve teacher shortages, especially in critical subject areas, and assists military personnel in making successful transitions to second careers in teaching.

Program Functions

TTT assists eligible military personnel to transition to a new career as public school teachers in targeted schools. A network of State TTT offices provides participants with counseling and assistance regarding certification requirements, routes to state certification, and employment leads.

Pending the availability of funds, financial assistance may be provided to eligible individuals as stipends up to $5K to help pay for teacher certification costs or as bonuses of $10K to teach in schools serving a high percentage of students from low-income families. Participants who accept the stipend or bonus must agree to teach for three years in targeted schools in accordance with the authorizing legislation.


To register for TTT, go to and register online or download a registration form from the TTT homepage. Eligible Army personnel may register with TTT at any time. Counseling and information are available to all participants, however, financial assistance may not be provided to active duty personnel until one year prior to retirement.

Program Operation

TTT was established in 1994 as a Department of Defense Program. The Department of Defense continues to operate Troops to Teachers providing program oversight and funding.

The Department of Education establishes the operating rules that govern the schools in which TTT participants who accept financial assistance may fulfill their three-year teaching obligation.

Additional Information:

For more information about the program including job referrals, resources, certifications, and job listings, please see the TTT website maintained by the Department of Defense:

For additional information contact the state(s) you have an interest in at

Document Review Date: 10 January 2017