Temporary Early Retirement Authority (TERA)

Army National Guard: Retired

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The FY 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Public Law 112-81, enacted 31 December 2011, authorized the military services to offer early retirement to Service members who have completed at least 15 years of active service. This is a discretionary authority and not an entitlement. The Army has elected to use this limited program as part of a comprehensive force management strategy to shape the force. It does not apply to Service members of the Army National Guard or the U.S. Army Reserve.



TERA does not apply to Service members of the Army National Guard.

Additional Information:

U.S. Public Law 112-81, Section 504, FY 2012 NDAA, 31 DEC 2011U.S. Army ALARACT 281/2012, DTG R 091426Z OCT 12

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Document Review Date: 14 July 2016