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The TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (TRDP) offers comprehensive, cost-effective dental coverage for retired Service members and their eligible Family members, for unmarried surviving Spouses and Children, and for other select individuals. The TRDP is administered by the Federal Government Programs division of Delta Dental of California under contract with the U.S. Defense Today.


Retired Soldiers and their Family members are eligible for TRDP but must meet one of the following requirements:

  • A Soldier (including the retired Reserve/retired National Guard) who is entitled to retired pay, including those age 65 or over.
  • A Soldier of the retired Reserve/retired National Guard who is entitled to retired pay, even if under age 60 (i.e., a "gray-area reservist, who is entitled to retired pay but does not actually begin receiving it until age 60).
  • A current Spouse of enrolled retired member as indicated above.
  • Children of enrolled Soldiers, up to age 21 (or to age 23 for a full-time student, or older if he or she becomes disabled before losing eligibility).
  • An un-remarried surviving Spouse or eligible Children of a deceased Soldier who died on eligible retired status or on active duty (eligibility begins following the end of eligibility under the Family member dental plan)
  • A  Medal of Honor (MOH) recipient and eligible immediate Family members, or an un-remarried surviving Spouse/eligible immediate Family members of a deceased MOH recipient.
  • A current Spouse and/or eligible Child of a non-enrolled member who is:
    • eligible to receive ongoing comprehensive dental care from the Department of Veterans Affairs;
    • enrolled in a dental plan through employment and the plan is not available to Family members; or
    • unable to obtain benefits through the TRDP due to a current and enduring medical or dental condition. Written documentation supporting any of these three situations must be submitted with your enrollment application.

Former Spouses and remarried surviving Spouses are not eligible at this time.

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Document Review Date: 4 March 2014