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Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP) (Chapter 1607 of Title 10 US Code) is a Department of Defense education program that provides up to 36 months of education assistance to members of the reserve components - Selected Reserves (SELRES) and Individual Ready Reserve - who are ordered to active duty in response to a war or national emergency (contingency operation) as declared by the President or Congress.


Army Reserve Soldiers on active duty may be eligible for REAP if they have served on active duty for 90 consecutive days or more and their service is:

  • authorized by the President or Secretary of Defense for a national emergency, and
  • supported by federal funds.

Disabled Soldiers who are injured or have an illness or disease incurred or aggravated in the line of duty and released from active duty before completing 90 days are also eligible.

AGR personnel, as defined in Section 101 (6)(A), Title 10 U.S.C., may qualify for this benefit but only if their name is listed on an individual or collective by-name list of personnel stating that they have been mobilized and/or deployed to support a qualifying contingency operation.

Eligibility will be determined by the Department of Defense (DoD), the Department of Veteran Affairs pays the benefit. Generally, a member of a Reserve Component who serves on active duty on or after September 11, 2001, under Title 10 US Code for at least 90 consecutive days under a contingency operation is eligible for REAP. After the Soldier has served 730 or more consecutive days, he or she cannot receive both REAP and MGIB-AD; the Soldier must make irrevocable decision within one year of release from Active Duty. Effective 28 January 2008, all contingency active duty performed since 9-11-2001 may be aggregated in order to reach a higher monthly payment level.

If contract has been completed and Service member has been separated from SELRES, benefits continue for 10 years after separation. Soldiers who separate from the Individual Ready Reserve are not eligible for the REAP Chapter 1607 ten (10) year delimiting period.

Benefit Highlights:

Approved training under REAP includes college or university degree programs, vocational programs, independent study or distance learning programs, correspondence courses, flight training, on-the-job training and apprenticeship programs, licensing and certification test reimbursement, and entrepreneurship courses. A 48 entitlement month limitation applies when combining two or more education programs.

The educational assistance allowance payable under REAP is a percentage of the Montgomery GI Bill- 3 year Active Duty rate based on the total number of active duty days in support of a contingency operation since 9-11-2001. Persons released before 90 days for a disability receive the 40% rate. The current full-time rate in the following table is the rate for full-time institutional training under REAP.

Member Serves

% of 3 Yr. Rate

Monthly Full-Time Rate effective 1 October 2014

90 days but less than 1 year



1 year but less than 2 years



2 or more continuous years or 3 or more aggregate years.



If you use REAP while on active duty, VA can pay you whichever is less:

  • The monthly rate based on tuition fees for your courses (if on duty); or
  • Your maximum monthly REAP rate (basic rate plus any "kicker" you may qualify for)

Reduced rates will apply for correspondence, apprenticeship / OJT, and some additional types of training.

A member called or ordered to active service while serving in the Selected Reserve remains entitled to benefits under REAP only by continuing to serve in the Selected Reserve. A member called or ordered to active service from the IRR remains entitled to benefits under REAP by continuing to serve in the Ready Reserve (either SEL RES or IRR).

Disabled Soldiers who are injured or have an illness or disease incurred or aggravated in the line of duty and are released from active service before completing 90 consecutive days are also eligible.


Buy-up Provision (New 2008): This provision allows Soldiers to pay an additional amount of money up to $600 to increase their monthly payout rate (up to an additional $150 per month). Soldiers must be members of the Ready Reserve to pay the $600 buy up, but do not need to be on active duty. For a listing of the increased monthly rates click here.

How to Apply

You can apply for REAP Chapter 1607 by filling out VA Form 22-1990, Application for Education Benefits. Indicate on the form you are applying for REAP. You can also apply online through the VA website listed below.

To select the option buy-up provision, Soldiers need to complete DD Form 2366-1, annotating at the top of the form, "REAP Chapter 1607 Buy Up in accordance with NDAA 08." Payment can be made to the Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS) or to any Defense Military Pay Office (DMPO) or DOD finance office. Soldiers should receive a copy of DD 1131, Cash Collection Voucher, for proof of payment. The VA will accept copies of the DD 2366-1 and DD 1131 when applying for REAP Chapter 1607 benefits. Provide the VA Regional Processing Office a copy of your Mobilized DD214 when applying for the benefit.

Additional Information:

For more information, please visit the REAP webpage maintained by VA:

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REAP Pamphlet:

For additional information on the program from the Army HRC web site (requires AKO login):

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