Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS)

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The US Army Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) Program guarantees Soldiers a job interview and possible employment after leaving the Army. The Army partners with America's business community and public sector employers as an incentive to attract quality men and women to serve in all-volunteer Army, positively impact local perceptions, build an environment more favorable to the Army's Brand and to reconnect America with its Army. PaYS partners benefit through access to potential employees who bring the skills, professional work habits, and pride and personal integrity that an Army background provides.


Active duty Soldiers are eligible for the PaYS program if they joined the program upon enlistment.

Benefit Highlights:

If a Soldier chooses the PaYS program option during the enlistment process, he or she uses the PaYS database to identify a specific partner company or agency with job needs that match the job skills learned in the Army. A Statement of Understanding is signed with a PaYS partner that contains the details of the PaYS option. As part of the program the PaYS partner agrees to interview the Soldier for a selected position providing that the Soldier receives an honorable discharge after one enlistment, is otherwise qualified and a job vacancy exists. At six months prior to separation, the Soldier coordinates transition to civilian life through the Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP) and the PaYS partner that was selected upon enlistment. Job applications, interviews, and visits to the employer are all scheduled and performed before the Soldier leaves the Army.

There are over 450 private companies, corporate and public sector agency partners participating in PaYS (as of 2013) with thousands of jobs in the PaYS database. Companies that participate in the program include global companies such as Amazon, Sears Holdings Corporation, Cintas, HCA, John Deere & Company, and Southwest Airlines. They also include local organizations across the country such as the LAPD, NYPD, Boston Fire Department, San Diego PD, and the Baltimore County Police Department.

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Document Review Date: 27 August 2013