Army Community Service (ACS)

Regular Army: Retired

Benefit Fact Sheet



The mission of Army Community Service (ACS) is to:

  • Facilitate commander's ability to provide comprehensive, coordinated, and responsive services that support readiness of Soldiers, civilian employees and their Families.
  • Maximize technology and resources, adapt to unique installation requirements, eliminate duplication in service delivery, and measure service effectiveness


Retired Soldiers and their Families are eligible for ACS.

Benefit Highlights:

ACS Centers are operated at Army installations where 500 or more military members are assigned. Core services available from ACS Centers include:

Deployment or Mobilization and Stability and Support Operations Readiness

  • Preplanning for Family assistance to include:
    • Family Assistance Center
    • Family Readiness Groups (FRGs)
    • Rear Detachments
    • Family Readiness Support Assistants
  • Pre-deployment planning
  • Mobilization/deployment support and information
  • Post-deployment/mobilization support and training (RESET services)
  • Operation Ready (Resources for Educating About Deployment and You)
  • Support to unaccompanied Family members evacuated/returned from an overseas area (repatriation assistance)

Soldier and Family Readiness:

  • Family Advocacy Program (FAP)
  • Victim Advocacy Program
  • Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Prevention Program (SHARP)
  • Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program (SAPR)
  • Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)
  • Transitional Compensation assistance
  • New Parent Support Program

Relocation Readiness:

  • Relocation counseling
  • Pre-arrival information
  • Post-move newcomer orientation
  • Overseas orientation
  • Reentry workshops
  • Lending Closet
  • Services to multicultural Families
  • Liaison for United Citizen Immigration Services (USCIS)
  • Hearts Apart support to Waiting Families ( Outreach services include identification, counseling and advocacy)
  • Sponsorship: Sponsor training of unit sponsorship trainers and/or reactionary sponsors and youth sponsorship.
  • Citizen Immigration Services Liaison

Employment Readiness:

  • Up-to-date resource information on available local, national and international employment opportunities, job market trends, and education and volunteer resources.
  • Classes and seminars on self-assessment and career exploration, resume writing, interviewing techniques, dressing for success, networking, and entrepreneurship.
  • Resume critiques
  • Career counseling and individual career assessments.
  • Job fairs and other hiring events.
  • Teen/youth employment Information
  • Computers with internet access, resume writing software, and typing tutorials

Financial Readiness:

  • Financial readiness education and training
  • Financial counseling services
  • Prescreening and counseling for the Family Subsistence Supplemental Assistance (FSSA) Program
  • Debt liquidation assistance
  • Consumer advocacy service
  • Consumer complaint resolution assistance
  • Emergency assistance
  • Army Emergency Relief Agency (AER)

Volunteer Programs

  • Army Family Team Building Program
  • Army Family Action Plan Program
  • Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator

Soldier and Family Assistance Centers/Survivor Outreach Services (SOS)

  • Support for Survivors
  • Support for Wounded and Fallen

Additional Information:

For more information, please visit the official website maintained by the U.S. Army Installation Management Command (IMCOM G-9 Family and MWR):

Army Regulation 608-1, Army Community Service:

For the location of the Army Community Service office on local Army Installations, check the Resource Locator library on MyArmyBenefits:

Document Review Date: 17 March 2017