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The Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH) is a retirement community for enlisted military retirees and veterans with locations in Washington, D.C. and Gulfport, Mississippi. The Home is an independent federal agency funded by a permanent Trust Fund.


Retired soldiers are eligible to become residents of AFRH who served for a minimum of twenty years and at least one-half of their service was not commissioned service (other than as a warrant officer or limited-duty officer), are eligible to become residents of the Retirement Home:

  • Soldiers with 20 or more years of active duty service and are at least 60 years old, or
  • Soldiers unable to earn a livelihood due to a service-connected disability, or
  • Soldiers unable to earn a livelihood due to injuries, disease, or disability, or who served in a war theater or were eligible for hostile fire pay; and determined to be incapable of earning a livelihood due to injuries, disease or disability, or
  • Female Soldiers who served prior to June 12, 1948 and determined to be eligible for admission because of compelling personal circumstances.

Applicants must be free of drug, alcohol, and psychiatric problems, and never have been convicted of a felony.

Married couples are welcome, but both must be eligible in their own right.

At the time of admission applicants must be able to live independently. For example, they must be able to take care of their own personal needs, attend a central dining facility for meals and keep all medical appointments. If increased health care is needed after being admitted, assisted living and long term care are available at both campuses.


Benefit Highlights:

Basics: The Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH) provides an affordable home for America's heroes. The facility provides a continuum of care including outpatient dental and medical services, hospital and long term nursing care, three meals a day and private rooms Extensive recreational facilities - including a state of the art gym, a nine-hole golf course, artists' studios, swimming pool and a wood working shop. The Home guarantees its retired enlisted men and women a caring and secure home. There are two campuses - one located in Gulfport, Mississippi and one in Washington, D.C. - which provide services and amenities such as a bank, a barber and a beauty shop, bowling areas, movie theater, a computer room and library. For the retired Soldiers that meet the eligibility requirements, there are no initiation or registration fees, and the monthly user fees are affordable.

Resident Benefits: Resident fees cover the Soldier's room, three meals a day, 24-hour security, religious services and onsite recreational activities (e.g., bowling, golf, hobby shops, entertainment, etc.). Also, Soldiers will receive basic dental care plus access to licensed specialists in optometry, podiatry, mental health, internal medicine and diabetic care.

What's Not Included: Clothing, toiletries, dry cleaning, haircuts and other personal items are at the Soldier's own expense.

Resident Fees: Soldier's monthly fee is a percentage of his or her total income, not to exceed a pre-set maximum. On an annual basis, resident fees are recomputed and "maximum monthly fees" are adjusted for inflation:

  • 35% for Independent Living
  • 40% for Assisted Living*
  • 65% for Long Term Care*

* Only available to existing residents

For 2012 the monthly maximums are:

  • Independent living residents, not to exceed $1,238 each month.
  • Assisted living residents, not to exceed $1,923 each month.
  • Long-term care residents, not to exceed $3,205 each month.

Soldier's Total Income is a sum of:

 All taxable and non-taxable income as reported on your US Tax Return, and

  • Tax Exempt Income (To include non-taxable items such as: benefits from Department of Veterans Affairs, Social Security Administration, disability retired pay, pensions, annuities and IRA distributions that aren't included in the Soldier's AGI)

Additional Information:

For additional information about the Armed Forces Retirement Home, please visit:

For information on income required for the applications, please visit the following sites: 

Documents pertaining to military retired (retainer) pay:      
Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Cleveland Center

For VA Compensation or Pension / Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office Social Security benefits:  Refer to the nearest Social Security Office

For Civil Service Retirement Office of Personnel Management

Contact information at each AFRH campus:

Gulfport, MS Campus
1800 Beach Drive
Gulfport, MS 39507
Tel: (800)332-3527

Washington, DC Campus
3700 N. Capitol St. NW
Washington, DC 20011-8400
Tel: (800)422-9988
Fax: (202)730-3492

Document Review Date: 2 April 2013